About Us


Since 1989 My passion is for fabrication I started with Grs International Inc based in Boucherville Quebec, the company had around 100 employees. Was focus on 100% sub-contracting Working for all kind of industries.

The technologies that we used was:

Laser cutting, Stamping dies ( internal tool room), Stamping Press, 6 axis bending, Robot welding, Mig, Tig, Fine Plasma, 4axis turning, 3 axis milling, and Syteline ERP.

At Grs we did not focus on 1 type of product but on multiple industries. Be in contact with so many projects were challenging and stimulating. During the years my role change from operator to set-up man to sale and supporting customer for design change to allow cost saving. I also attend multiple Fairs in Germany, USA, Canada and China. And also, mission in product development at Eastman Kodak, Xerox Velan , Bombardier etc . This was a very good school for learning manufacturing process which.


GRS was sold and I started to find suppliers in China. Since then I acquired a strong knowledge of the market and the way to work there. Especially with small and medium size factory. We establish an office in Ningbo (3 hr from Shanghai).
Globaction establish an office in Egypt for diversifying the supply chain and built a pool of skilled engineer and programmer to complete our service offer. This way we can support our customer and supplier in their developments in these challenging’s times Fabrication is our passion


Egyptianne Office

Canadian Office

Chinese Office


We have successfully completed projects in numerous Places inside and out side Canada. GLOBACTION is presented in: