Sheet metal

GRS Sheet metal department relies on state-of-the-art technology.

Technical support personnel takes advantage of the latest most efficient software available for programming complex parts and components with the highest possible accuracy and precision.

GRS array of tools and equipment is such that it meets with most of our customers’ regular needs.

Main tools and equipment :

    • 2.6 Kw Laser with programmable feed table
    • Digital control presses, up to 60″ wide, 50 tons and 57 auto-index tools
    • Programmable folding press, up to 7 axis, 112 tons, 10′
    • Shaping rollers


Photo Marcel Langevin.  

Complex assembly :

Multiple folding
Single and repetitive forming
Threaded holes
Adding inserts 

Photo Marcel Langevin.  

Digital control
index heads press

60″ apron

Photo Jean-Bruno Ouellette Lapointe, 990318/23.

7 axis


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