Tool department

GRS Tool department constitutes its technological core. Our strive after the fulfilment of our customers’ diverse and demanding needs, combined with our toolmakers’ experience have given us the opportunity to acquire exclusive skills and expertise in our Industry.

We develop and manufacture :

    • Cutting tools
    • Forming tools
    • Multiple stage tools
    • Cold rod stretching tools
    • Inspection jigs
    • Welding jigs
    • Assembly jigs


Multiple stage progress die.
Parts : Galvanized steel .

High precision multi stage die.
Parts : Berilium and copper

Mobile base rotating welding jig

Photos : Marcel Langevin, high precision die
Jean-Bruno Ouellette Lapointe 990318/06 – 19.


Telephone : (450) 449-1449 | Fax : (450) 449-1447

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