Welding and assembly

GRS undertakes all-inclusive price mandates. We remain involved at the final stage of development of system components.

We must deliver our customers completed systems and assembled components. Hence, our assembly department keeps growing constantly.

The most common tools and equipment used are :

    • Manual and automated work stations. All take advantage of computerised equipment for Pulsed MIG, MIG or TIG welding.
    • Six axis programmable welding robot, precision to 0.004″ and 60″ range, coupled with a rotating table and index bins.
    • Gas welding
    • Spot welding with stationary or mobile equipment
    • Automatic equipment for inserts and assembly
    • Wide variety of peripheral equipment.


Mobile spot welder with
counterbalance system.

Assembled component for a
physical exerciser.

Six axis programmable welding robot with
its rotating table and index bins.

Photos : Jean-Bruno Ouellette Lapointe, Welder
Marcel Langevin, Robot and component.


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